About Us

We Promote Sustainability Solutions

In the dynamic realm of solar energy services in Kenya, Spenomatic Solar Home Solutions reigns supreme as the unassailable harbinger of cutting-edge innovation and expertise. With a legacy etched in excellence, we have risen to an eminent stature, becoming synonymous with bespoke solar solutions that cater to a diverse spectrum encompassing residential and small-scale commercial domains. It is with an unwavering commitment to quality, sustainability, and client-centricity that we have cemented an unparalleled position in the intricate tapestry of renewable energy offerings.

About Us


At the heart of Spenomatic Solar Home Solutions lies a resolute mission – to empower individuals and businesses alike with meticulously curated solar energy systems that epitomize the zenith of excellence and sustainability. Our unyielding dedication is twofold, fusing the pinnacles of technological advancement with a profound commitment to environmental consciousness, while simultaneously placing paramount emphasis on the contentment of our valued clients.


Our vision is steadfast, painting a compelling portrait of a transformed solar energy landscape in Kenya. Spenomatic Solar Home Solutions envisions a paradigm shift where the confluence of personalized solar solutions illuminates a path toward a brighter, cleaner, and energy-efficient future, not merely for the present generation, but for generations to come.

Core Values

 Our core tenet underscores an unwavering devotion to our clients. This devotion transcends mere service delivery, encapsulating the art of crafting solar solutions meticulously aligned with each client’s energy consumption patterns and financial aspirations.

At Spenomatic Solar Home Solutions, innovation is not just a principle; it’s a way of life. We steer our endeavors with a compass guided by the latest breakthroughs in renewable energy technology, ensuring our clients access the forefront of solar advancements.

Our allegiance to the environment is non-negotiable. Through the promotion of solar energy, we fervently champion the cause of reducing carbon footprints and leaving an indelible mark of eco-conscious choices.

Integrity forms the bedrock of our engagements. Upholding a stringent code of ethics, we nurture relationships founded on honesty, transparency, and a sense of responsibility toward our clients, partners, and stakeholders.

 With over 25 years of industry dominance, our expertise is not just a boast; it’s a legacy. Our extensive experience infuses every project with a depth of knowledge that ensures each solar solution is a masterpiece.

Our Pillars Of Excellence

 Our modus operandi commences with an exhaustive analysis of your energy consumption habits, thereby sculpting solar solutions that perfectly harmonize with your unique needs.

We exclusively procure and integrate superior solar components, ensuring not only longevity but also optimal performance within our systems.

 Our team of adept engineers and technicians operate on a plane of excellence, translating into installations and services that adhere to the most stringent industry benchmarks.

 Knowledge is empowerment. We empower our clients with insights into their solar systems, enabling them to make informed decisions and extract maximum utility.

 Our commitment extends well beyond installation. Spenomatic Solar Home Solutions offers perpetual maintenance, support, and vigilant monitoring to uphold seamless solar system functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our approach entails an exhaustive assessment of your energy consumption patterns and requisites, which forms the bedrock for devising a customized solar solution.

We soar above the competition through our bespoke approach, employment of superior components, extensive industry dominion, and unwavering dedication to both client gratification and environmental stewardship.

Absolutely. Our meticulously tailored solar solutions are engineered to seamlessly fulfill your energy demands. Moreover, our grid-tied systems ensure uninterrupted power supply even during cloud-covered days.

While solar panels are inherently low-maintenance, regular cleaning and intermittent assessments are advisable. Our team stands ready to provide consistent maintenance services to ensure optimal system performance.

Contact us through the provided information below, and our experts will steer you through the process, commencing with a meticulous assessment.